About us

Who We are


«Russian Grain» is one of the leading agricultural companies in Russia, which specializes in the production and trade of organic agricultural products. And also plays a significant role of the Russian-important international trade.


Why we?

Professional activities of our holding includes the following directions:

  • Exports of agricultural products
  • Trade of agricultural products in Russia
  • Trade of rapeseed oil and wood pellets
  • Import and Export services
Our operations cover the CIS countries, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the countries of the African continent.


Agricultural production, which offers «Russian Grain», grown in ecologically clean regions of Russia with the use of innovative technologies aimed at the production of high quality crops that meet international standards.


The company's management is carried out from a central office in St. Petersburg, the company also has an extensive network of offices in Russia and Southeast Asia. Experience our leadership is based on two decades of practice in the agricultural sector, both in Russia and abroad.


Managers of the company formed a multidisciplinary team of professionals, including agronomists and engineers as well as experts in the field of international trade, marketing and logistics, working closely with a global network of specialists.


Our partners are the largest financial centers of the world and are as international agricultural holdings and trading companies as well as leading companies in the field of logistics. Therefore, our company, having vast experience in the international market, has access to a wide range of relevant information and necessary knowledge.


Our work is based on three core principles - efficiency, professionalism and responsibility. Using the advanced knowledge, innovative technology and our extensive experience, we are confident we fix our leadership position in the agro-industrial companies in the Russian market.


Constant desire to «Russian Grain» to improve business efficiency and compliance with the highest international standards allows us to firmly establish itself as a reliable, professional and trustworthy partner.